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Jul. 27., 2008 | 06:24 pm

I am redecorating. I think it's "grow up" time and it is becoming more important to me to have a living space and not just a place I have a key to with all my stuff in it.

That being said, I spent some time today rearranging things and had a basic plan in mind. I got a sewing table from a friend's yard sale and was hoping on moving forward with this today. A major plan was to move a bookshelf to the spare room. I moved shit around in there to accommodate it only to find that the bookshelf needs to be thrown out.

We have a wall in the dining room area that keeps flooding due to the A/C unit. I have told the leasing office and had people out here about 8 times and the unit hasn't been fixed. They put little band aids on but never fix it. I took the books off to move the shelf and there were patches of mold on it.

I TOLD them there was fucking mold in the carpet and they didn't believe me or care to fix it. So, now I have a ruined piece of furniture and cannot progress with the room. Oh well. I got kind of far, I guess.

When I moved Walter's old bed I found hair, hair ties, a Homestar bumper sticker, a pack of cloves and a lighter, and a 10 sided dice. What else would you expect? After the bookshelf stress, the cloves came in handy. Thanks Walter!

Things I am trying to get done:
New bedroom furniture
New couch
Bedspread and curtains for spare room
Spray paint lockers
Set up sewing station
Sew baby blanket for Barker

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Re: help

from: juliasaurus
date: Jul. 29., 2008 03:52 pm (UTC)

Awesome. We are making an Ikea trip which will result in a lot of assembly. Thanks a bunch!

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