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Disasters in Quiche Making

I decided to make a quiche yesterday. I had a leftover pie crust and needed to maximize my lunches for work.

I got all the stuff together and got the filling all set. Three cheeses, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions. The pie crust had thawed and everything was going well. Perhaps TOO well.

My pie pan was not deep enough so I decided to bust out the ol' spring form pan. I put the crust in and everything was chugging along as planned. I poured the filling in and the realized that I should have put this on a cookie sheet. I get out a sheet and go to transfer the pan... and the spring sprung leaving my crust to fend for itself. The levee broke and quiche filling quickly flooded my counter top. I rush to grab a bowl to scrape it into hoping to preserve the filling. As I am scrambling (no pun intended)to get the mix into the bowl, Seymour decides to be helpful and lick the filling off of the floor. As he is doing this, mix is still rushing off the counter top and ONTO Seymour. So, at this point I am cleaning AND tripping over a quiche covered pup.

Robert brought me another pie crust because I managed to salvage enough filling for a quiche. And this time, since there was only 2/3 of the filling left, it fit into my regular pie pan. Mother fucker!

But it turned out nicely despite the insanity. Who knew making a quiche could be so exciting?!
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