Julia (juliasaurus) wrote,


So, this weekend started on Friday after Hell Week at work. Sean came into town and we went to IBar, met up with Pam, did some drinking, etc.

Saturday began with a few errands and then Jai Alai. You know who you are!

After Jai Alai we got some awesome burgers and went to the liquor store. We got to my place and started drinking right away because we wanted to be set for the MONSTER JAM!

We get to the Citrus Bowl area and it is PACKED. Lucky for us we had an Orlando savvy man of action on board that told us to park at the Fairgrounds and ride the free shuttle over to the bowl. We drank malt liquor in the back of the Lynx bus on the way to the jam, get there, get lost inside the bowl, find our seats and get to screaming.

We were rooting for El Toro Loco cause he's the shit. Man, it was awesome.

Sean rocks. Period.

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