March 15th, 2005

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dentist 2 days in a row and then fillings next week... man, that'll hurt the checkbook. not to mention, i actually have to go through with wisdom teeth extraction this summer. all 4 are impacted.
last night was awesome. david cooked dinner for sean and me. BBQ chicken... sooo tasty. then we all went to the peacock room for drinks with the other dave. he was on some talk show that he said was "slightly less queer than the View" it was a panel of one gay guy, a drag queen, a fag hag, and the possible future temporary mayor of orlando. haha wow sounds even funnier written out. gin and tonics were killer and the scantly clad hot gay boys giving out free shots always wins my vote.
also, i found out that dave is the bastard that lives in the place i've wanted to live in since i first saw it. what a son of a bitch. he better keep me in mind if he moves out and just hand me the friggin keys.