December 23rd, 2001

you know

and but for the grace of you, go i.

yesterday andrew and i got up and went to the big new mall. it was C-R-A-Z-Y! he wanted me to do the make-a-bear thing for my christmas present. so, we waited in line for almost 2 hours for this. i dind't mind, tho, it was very worth it. i got a koala in fairy clothes. hehe. then i went to the secret santa party and got mildly drunk. i had to get up for work today at 8:45 and i really didn't want to at all. it truly was awful. after work i went shopping with my dad and then to the family christmas party where everyone made fools of themselves. i got to see my cousin that i don't get to spend much time with. she's great, i'm looking forward to working with her this summer. somehow i managed to get new year's eve AND new year's day off. i am excited. i get to spend so much time with robert. i miss him bunches. i think it should be the 31st right now. *twitches nose*
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