December 17th, 2001

you know


i think i am getting that awful sickness back. it was almost entirely gone, too. :( i need a hug! also, the embrolio (heh) of me getting to miami just gets worse. i honestly cannot think of any way i can go. if anybody has ideas (minus me driving, plane, train, and bus) let me know! put on yor thinkin caps, folks.

funny thing happened today... i had to return porn. now, this wasn't a porn shop i got these from, it's just a regular ol movie rental place witht he red door. so, i go to drop them off and there's NO return slot or box. you set them on the counter. then you can't go back through the door you came in cause it's one way, so i had to walk around the counter as the scary hardocre guy read the titles (flithy fuckers #187 and boot camp boys)and made some choice comments. now, here's the catch... my mom insisted on going with me to return the movies since i have a headache and she didn't want me driving! ah!