November 24th, 2001

you know


last night i had a party at my house. we boozed it up quite a lot. all of my favorite people were here and it was SO fun. oddly enough tons of drama was involved. it was very strange. andrew got wasted. i suppose that was a good thing, tho cause it kept his mind off things. david came and brought his little sis leah, who is the coolest. i'm so glad she was here. and of course jen and alex made my whole day. i also had one of those danny bonding times that i love so very much. then this morning i had to get up for work. oh lord, i didn't like that one bit. yeah, it was hell. so i went to hang out with alex afterward. we talked in her aunt's hot tub and then went to visit caine and dan. i am very proud to still be dan's bitch after all these years. this morning on the way to work, however, i was silly. it was one of those "i'm going on my period, getting sober, and thinking" drives. not pleasant. i cried a lot. but it was all over really dumb stuff that then got worse at work. sometimes i really think i need to calm down and take things with a grain of salt. yeah, so that was my 24 hours. now i'm off to figure out david's scavenger hunt for my files. yes, that's right, he hid all of my files on my computer, but left a helpful little instruction book on where to find them, thanks big bro!
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