November 17th, 2001

you know

big burly

this girl at work just makes me so mad. her constant stupidity is enough to drive anyone insane. i can't stnad working with her and when i do, i make rude comments to her all day. she doesn't get most of them, but some she does and rolls her huge eyes at me. at least i can't see her do that most of the time through her thick manly eyebrows. i worked 10 hours today because of her. what a fuckface. there are few people that really jusy annoy me to this point. i feel like such a bitch, but she just has that effect on me.

anywho, i 1/2 expected him to be waiting at my house for me when i got home tonite. i knew this was impossible, but thought it'd be nice. he was online when i got home and we talked for a bit, nothing much just small talk mostly. he really is wonderful and i hope he thinks the same of me. this time last weekend i was in his arms. :)
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