November 13th, 2001

you know


could orlando be any better? no, i really don't think so. when jen and i got there on friday it was off to the killers game where our shins became sore and we got absolutely soaked. we slept in and then went to the arcade on saturday. jen and i beat the JP game AND got "Best Teamwork EVER" score. we made lasgna for our boys, and they worshipped us for it. and of course, there's the boy!! if he got any cuter, i don't know what i'd do. on saturday when we all got drunk. him, eric, and jared sang "fuck her gently" by tenacious d to me and jared's girlfriend. it was the funniest thing in the whole world. he said adorable things to me all weekend and kissed me lots. what a guy! man, i think he should be near me all the time. it's just weird to already miss him. i hope he takes my invitation seriously.

today it was like the only feeling was exhaustion. i was tired from the drive, tired from the late nights, and tired of clearwater. like jen says "it's like if you ate creamed spinach everyday of your whole life and for one day you get to have anything, but you always know after that ends, it's back to creamed spinach" yeah weird analogy, but it works. i really need to sleep. off i go.
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