November 4th, 2001

you know


i feel like such a bitch. i really just don't want to be around people right now. i want to sleep and not talk. i was in a better mood today cause i went out and took care of stuff that i needed to do and then everyone got home and i was still fine. but then my mom wanted to go for a drive so i went with her and it was all down hill from there. i hate this mood. a lot. it's been happening more and more lately. it's that mood when you just sit around and think of all the stuff you should be doing or would rather be doing but aren't. and it gets to the point where you're really just bitching to yourself about yourself. so, i figured i could feel better if i went out and shopped. i got some really cute pants but then got tired of being in the mall and left. came home and slept. very productive. and i'm trying to stay in orlando an extra day since everyone has that day off, but my mom said no and then got wise to my trickery and said "now, jen's car isn't going to magically break down on your way home, right?" yeah that pissed me off but good. i think that when mom finally knows all your tricks it means moving out isn't too far off. i figure by my graduation she'll know everything and not play the games she's been playing for all these years. but last night was nice and being sung to is great. and i have next weekend to look forward to.
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