October 28th, 2001

you know

hip hip hooray!

jen and i had so much fun being lame last night. we were going to a costume contest at her mom's biker bar last night and dressed up as cheerleaders. we thought caine would enjoy that, so we drove out tot he beach to visit him at his work. he had just left by the time we got there. we had to walk down the beach to get back to the car in our uniforms. needless to say, the honking and obscene comments didn't stop. we then went to look for caine at his house, but he went to bill's (whoever that is). jen and i were mad at him. then kelsey met us at wal-mart and this old bitch was very rude. got back to my house and ordered pizza. well, anyway. it was funny if you were there. i have pictures!! ROCK!
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