September 30th, 2001

you know

wooo oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh

it's so goddamned hot in my room. i don't understand. my mom came home tonite. she brought me some neat shirts that she find at a thrift store. hehe. i made a really good mix cd tonite before she got home. my sister and i drank vodka and played cards. that was fun. while i was sleeping today i had the most bizarre dream! my god... ok i dreamt that i was at a show and everyone i've ever met was there. i met this boy. he was beautiful. we exchanged #s and that made my friend alex cry. he cried SO much. then kelsey told a shit load of people that i would drive them home. well, that wouldn't be such a problem, but they all lived in weird far away places. so as i was driving all these people home my brakes went out. good thing that boy i work with and his mechanic grandpa were in the car. the spanish speaking only grandpa fixed my brakes and i continued taking people home. keep in mind, i have no idea if his grandpa is a mechanic or speaks spanish. it was this weird goulash of a dream. kelsey looked really cute in it tho. i dunno what goes on in this head of mine sometimes. boy oh boy!
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