September 26th, 2001

you know


1 pair of pin stripe pants
3 shirts
1 set of boys underoos
1 pair of silk boxers
1 pair of horrendously large sunglasses (70s style)
1 bowling looking bag for school

yeah bargain shopper! all of you, grovel at my feet. tomorrow is a half day at school. instead, andrew and i will go out to breakfast and then go to my doctor's appointment. we will then smoke all of my weed and hang out. it should be a good day. italian class was re-scheduled for next week. i am excited about friday. it's arrigato's night with my friends. then my mom comes home on saturday and hopefully i can go to a show on sunday night, but i am not getting my hopes up. i got a 63 on my trig test which actually brings my grade up slightly, however,remaining a D. i hope a certain mister 8/17 comes online tonite. i want to see if he got the CD i sent him. hmmm..... i want something cheesy right now. like a quesadilla. off i go!

ps... stephen is an asshole.
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