August 28th, 2001

you know

like woah!

tomorrow is the saves the day show and i'm oh so very excited. no motiv. yeah, cause they rock. i'm meeting up with everyone and their mother's there and then this weekend i'm off to visit my amanda at college. i wore my bitchin belt today. i'd like to take this time right now to express just how much i like leather. i like shoes and cars and couches. andrew loves leather luggage. my belt, you, you guessed it... leather. the irony of it all is that i "borrowed" it from a veggie. ha! "i won't eat cow, but i can plaster it's dead and dried out hide on my waist." i really like school a lot this year. it's all really coming together now. i feel that i will actually work to my potential. i also have been wanting to start something fun. so i've decided on kickboxing. lisa's gonna do it with me and then we will be total vixens. rock!
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