August 14th, 2001

you know


last night was so much fun. i went and picked up kelsey and annette and we met all these kids at marin's work. we were supposed to go to a party at this kid tim's house, but that was called off. so annette and i had an adventure to oldsmar then met up with everyone again and went to the beach. there were about 20 of us just hanging out. i called my mom and told her i was staying at annette's. we then had to take jared home. we all hung out there for a while. he reminds me of jason a whole lot. very funny guy. annette and i got to her house around 3:AM, watched welcome to the dollhouse and went to bed. then i got up for work. scott and a-dawg come in to see me. scott sure is an adorable guy. i then came home to see my cousin who is in from out of town. dave called me and invited me to play D&D tonite, but i can't go. hopefully i'll get to the party on thursday.
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