August 3rd, 2001

you know

to your love

oh boy. here goes..... lately, i've really just wanted a relationship. a long, happy, cute one. and it seems to me that the most perfect person for it has been here all along. not only that, BUT we had a thing before. i was really fucked up from the last boyfriend and i didn't want to hurt this boy. i decided it was a bad idea for me to lead him on and he also thought things weren't going as they should. well, this whole time i've been trying not to like him. to not notice cute things he does. but lately that's so incredibly hard for me. especially when i hear of him going to the beach to build sand castles. does it get more adorable?? no! i really like him. and i have this whole time. but i don't know how to tell him. haha. it's almost come to the point where i think maybe he doesn't feel the same anymore. ahhh! he'll probably read this, too. that's the thing. he's going to know before i tell him, but what do i have this livejournal for if i can't say what i want regardless of who will read it.
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    fiona apple (she would make a much better god hehe)