July 20th, 2001

you know

my today

i made pierogies from scratch with my mom and 3 aunts. passing along the family recipies to the youngin, you know. then i went and hung out with kelsey. we went to this party. it was really lame. mothing i wanted to happen happened. so we left and went to the mall and hung out with traic, whom i like. she likes cradle of filth therefore, she is ok in my book. kelsey and i then went back to the party and made fun of the band. i saw annette. she is a goddess. hehe. we then left and went to another party that was even MORE boring, but annette and i had giggly girl talk time. so, the night was not all a loss. i am home now and i want someone to talk to. all the girl talking with annette and kelsey made me think lots. then with the added extra of me driving by myself for 1/2 hour. driving = thinking and self evaluation. i have to work tomorrow and i don't know how i can. my burn is now peeling and looks especially lovely. i can't believe i did that. also, there is no better music than aretha franklin when you are a bit down. she is the ultimate diva. i betcha guys don't fuck with her. she tells em what's up and doesn't take their shit.
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