May 9th, 2001

you know

i don't know what to say.....

i went to my ex's house today. he wanted bagels. i went at a time when i figured he wouldn't be home. i was right. i talked to his mom and got all caught up with her. she's a great person. a person that i feel bad for. she puts up with too much of his shit. she is ready to give up. i don't blame her. and to top it all off, i find out he LIED to me for 3 months. 3 months straight. i was under the impression that he took his GED and was going to get on with his life and take college corses. he told me they just mailed it to his old address. well, he never fucking took it. why couldn't he tell me that? what a loser. i would've done anything for him, and he lied to me. he is a good friend of mine still, and it probably not worth bringing up with him. i just want to punch him. fuck him. he doesn't deserve my fist.
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