April 23rd, 2001

you know

ex bf bitch-fest

ok... so let's play pretend, shall we? if sometheing goes wrong in your life, how do you handle it? if all of your problems came from you, what do you do? pretend for a moment that you are a boy. a confused, unmotivated, lazy boy with tons of goals. do you a) work on these goals and try to accomplish them or b) talk about them, sit on your ass and do nothing nothing but HOPE. I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU DO... YOU GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND YOU FUCKING DO SOMETHING AND IN THE MEANTIME QUIT BITCHING! i feel so bad, so horribly bad fot this person cause i care so goddamn much about him and know for a fact that he could do anything if he tryed. he's awesome. great personality, nice guy, not at all bad looking, and still does nothing cause he's lazy. that's why we never did anything together and it makes me sad. goodbye.
you know

seems like a good time to gripe about him again......

he almost got a tattoo. after motnhs of bitching at me cause i want one. after griping at his mom because she got one. HIPOCRITE! goddamnit. he makes me so frustrated at times. mostly, i'm ok with him now. but when he pulls this BS, i want to stick him in the jaw. his best friend causes so much trouble. i have so much to say about my ex and i need to. to get it all out. but probably not here. just in case.